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Pâté d'oie et Sauternes

Sauternes is a place south-east of Bordeaux, that has become internationally synonymous with sweet dessert wine.
The first time I went there, in 1987, I thought the vineyards and grapes would have to be special in some way, but they were absolutely normal.

In the shade of the big trees in the park of Chateau d’Yquem, Prof. Bertrand, head of the faculty of oenology in Bordeaux, explained to me that there were two rivers surrounding that “terroir” thus making that area of France special, because of the morning dew forming on the grapes the Botrytis Cinerea, the noble rot that originates the unique characteristics of those wines.

I returned many times, for the Sauternes and the fabulous local duck pâté, but in 2009 it was different because I went in a campervan.

It was night when I arrived in the parking area of Chateau Rieussec, a premier cru owned by the Rothschild family, and slept there like a log.

Early in the morning I went out and saw the castle completely covered with ivy, shiny with dew.

I rang the bell and introduced myself to a lady straight out of yesteryear, telling her that I would like to take home one of their used barriques, in which to refine one of my own Grappas.

She looked at me astonished, made a couple of phone calls, called the winemaker, they took me to the wine cellar and chose a barrel which I loaded in the campervan.

I took a photo and departed on my way, 1330 km straight to Schiavon. The result was extraordinary. I called the lady again, and after a few weeks another fifty barriques arrived.

But it is the first that fills the room with the scent of dew.

Jacopo Poli


Sauternes barrel finished Grappa

Barili di Sauternes

Grappa aged 2 years in barrique
+ 6 months in Chateau Rieussec barrels

A journey, a face, a proposal, a smile.

That is how these collaborations were born with three prestigious brands, thus giving origin to three Grappas with different and fascinating aromatic sensations: red fruit, dried fruit, exotic fruit, candied fruit.

sauternes Pâté d'oie and Sauternes

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Raw material: marc obtained from a cuvée of local white grape varieties with low content of volatile substances and therefore suitable for ageing in wood
Distillation: distilled with an ancient pot still composed of copper working at discontinuous cycle.
Aroma: ripe fruit, acacia honey, biscuits, harmonious note of wood
Taste: round, complex and full
% Alc - Content: 40% Alc./Vol - 500 ml
Service: at temperature of 18/20 °C - 65/68 °F in a tulip-shaped glass

Barili di Sauternes - Grappa Jacopo Poli with wooden case

Poli Museum