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Toni Poli

The Spirit of this distillate

- 55 degrees! Toni, you’re crazy! who’d want a 55° Grappa?

- Trust me …

- What do you think, people prefer light, mild and fruity distillates!

- Trust me…

It was the evening of 24th May 1989: Toni Poli had invited us four children to the restaurant in Schiavon, nearby the Distillery, and we were dining together:

- Listen Dad, since your times a lot of things have changed and today even customers’ tastes are different.

- It could be true, but trust me just the same.

- And what types of marcs would you like to distil?

- Those that the farmers of the area bring us, our local mixed marcs.

- Mixed? It doesn’t exist! The market wants Grappas made from single grape varieties!

- Trust me… and then put it in oak barrels and leave it there.

- Aged! Come on Toni, you’ve got your head in the clouds! They only want young Grappas.

It was useless trying to make him change his mind. So we talked about other things: he told us how he met Teresa, our mother, and the battle to convince their parents to allow them to marry; he then recalled how beautiful the first born, Giampaolo, was when he was little; he was moved when he told Barbara how much he wanted a baby girl;

Grappa barrels

he looked proudly at Andrea, the youngest, the only one with an interest in mechanics, like him; to me, the second of the four children, he asked about that girl Cristina I’d met, perhaps imagining that in a few years we’d be married.

While we were leaving, we tried again to talk him into the fact that a full-proof Grappa from mixed marcs aged in oak barrels was the opposite of what the consumers wanted.

- Trust me. Fill nine barrels of this Grappa every year until I’m no longer here; afterwards, you can start putting it in bottles. In case there isn’t a good Grappa in Heaven, it’s best to have a personal stock.

- And why nine?
- That you’ll find out for yourself, maybe.

In 1989 Toni Poli was seventy years old. Since then we have filled twelve distilling years with the Grappa he liked and now we’re bottling it in his honour, even if where he is now, he’ll probably have even better.

Jacopo Poli


Aged Grappa

Poli Barrique

Single vintage Grappa,
matured 13 years in oak barrique

Before than in barrique, this Grappa matured in the heart and mind of our father, Toni.

Distilled for the first time in 1989, only nine barriques per year are solely produced.

Poli Barrique The Spirit of this distillate

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Raw material: marc obtained from a cuvée of red grape varieties of the province
Distillation: artisanal, in small lots, with a discontinuous copper still provided with steam pots
Aroma: toasted wood, vanilla, cocoa, coffee
Taste: persistent, strong, harmonious
% alc - Content: 55% Alc./Vol - 700 ml
Service: at temperature of 18/20 °C - 65/68 °F in a tulip-shaped glass

Poli Barrique, Grappa Jacopo Poli package