Poli Distillerie.
Distilling good Grappa is easy: one only needs fresh marc and a hundred years of experience.

Distilling good Grappa is easy - Jacopo Poli

In the heart of Veneto, by Bassano del grappa, the cradle of the Poli Distillery.

Bassano del Grappa

Poli, Venetians since 1400. Only deep roots can bear an heterous fruit like Grappa.

The Poly family, venetians since 1400.

The unmistakable Poli style, today like yesterday, a refined balance of character and elegance.

Grappa Poli's style

The modern use of an ancient still to create a timeless Grappa.

Distillation of Poli Grappa

Several Grappa, spirits and liqueurs, united by the same artisanal culture of Poli.

Poli Grappa, spirits and liqueurs

Grappa does not exist. “Grappa’s” do. Each of them is different to suit everybody’s taste. Have a good choice.

Grappa does not exist. “Grappa’s” do
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