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Elisir Sambuca Poli and Sambuca G.B. Poli (1950)

"Mosca" & "Rasentin"

Sambuca is a sweet liqueur based on star anise (Illicium Verum). It is part of the category of refreshing liqueurs of Mediterranean origin, among which there are: The French Pastis, the Greek Ouzo, the Spanish Anis, the Turikish Raki and the eastern neighboring Arak.

The difference compared to the Anice or Mistrà liqueur is due to the presence of sugar. In fact, according to the reg. CEE 110/2008, Sambuca must contain at least 350g. of sugar per liter and must have a minimum alcohol content of 38%. Vol.

At the Poli Distillery, Sambuca was produced from the post-war period until the mid-1980s. The current growing market demand has convinced us to go back to producing it.

Sambuca Poli and Rasentin

The elixir of Sambuca Poli is colorless, with an intense anise aroma, dense, silky and particularly sweet in the mouth.

It may be enjoyed plain, on the rocks, with a coffee bean, as correction for the coffee, flambé or in the cocktails.

We also suggest to try it as “rasentin”, a pleasant ritual that consists of “rasentare” (rinse in Venetian language) the cup with some drops of Sambuca after a good espresso.