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Camomile flowers are ready for the infusion.

The “apple” of the Earth

Camomile is an aromatic plant whose healing properties have been known for thousands of years.

The word Camomile is of Greek origin and means “apple of the earth” because of the apple-like scent emanated when the plant is treaded on.

Egyptians were the first to dedicate it to Ra, the sun god, this plant was used throughout the centuries to celebrate the father of nature by several other cultures.
Thanks to its scent, Camomile was added to incense to boost relaxation, meditation and prayer.

Camomile has got several qualities: it’s calming, antispasmodic and reduces inflammation, relaxes and tonifies the nervous system and is paramount when anxiety and tension cause digestive troubles.

 Poli Elisir Camomila: relaxing liqueur

It’s not by chance that is was one of the 9 sacred herbs mentioned in Lacnung o Rimedi, an ancient code written in England in the late 10th century, containing both prayers and medicine-related textes.

The infusion of real camomile flowers in Grappa, following a family recipe from the 30’s, is what makes Elisir Poli what it is: the result is a floral elisir, sweet and delicate as a meadow in summer.