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Gran Bassano

In Bassano there is preserved the rare first edition of Pharmacopea Taurinensis* dated 1736, where “Vinum Absinthites”, obtained with Artemisia Absinthium and other herbs infused in wine, is described for the first time. Towards the end of the 18th century, the wine infused with Wermut (Absinthium in German), gains popularity within the French court under the name “Vermouth”, later “Vermut” in Italian.

Vermouth’s recipe was enriched through time thanks to Venetian merchants importing fine spices from India, Indonesia and Africa, such as cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, rhubarb, myrrh, ginger, sandal wood and turmeric; later vanilla and quinine bark came from America.

Venice, being the spice trade capital, became therefore one of the biggest distribution centre of flavoured wine, produced in many cities within the Serenissima Republic, such as Bassano.

The historical bond between Bassano and Venice is represented by the clock located on the facade of Bassano’s city hall, created by Bartolomeo Ferracina, the same watchmaker who designed the clock mechanism of the “Mori” tower in Venice, the second most famous clock in the world, after “Big Ben”. 

Gran Bassano Bianco is a vermouth based on Vespaiolo, white wine from native grapes of the DOC of which the city of Bassano is part.
Vespaiolo features  characteristic floral scents that attract the wasps (vespa), from which it is named.
The original aromatic identity of Gran Bassano Bianco is due to a balanced infusion of over twenty botanicals, among which stand out hawthorn and elderflower, characteristic plants from Bassano area, as well as grapefruit, galangal, myrtle, sweet and bitter orange.
Perfect as an aperitif to enjoy chilled and straight or in long drinks with ice and tonic water. 



Raw material: 39 aromatic botanicals
Production method: natural infusion of 39 aromatic botanicals in Vespaiolo wine
% Alc - Content: 18% Alc./Vol - 750 ml
Service: chilled and straight or in long drinks with ice and tonic water

Vermouth Gran Bassano Bianco (White Vermouth ) - Poli