The Fiction "Di Padre in Figlia"

The Poli Distillery on RAI 1

"Di Padre in Figlia", (From Father
to Daughter) the fiction with
the Poli Distilleries Still
among its protaginists, will be
on air from April 18th on RAI 1.

The serie’s plot, written by
Cristina Comencini and
directed by Riccardo Milani,
gravitates around the stories
of two distiller families
in Bassano del Grappa.


In October 2015 the Poli Distillery accorded the artisanal distillery’s
spaces to allow the fiction shooting, welcoming the TV crew for
two weeks.

Amongst the fiction cast:
Cristiana Capotondi, Stefania
Rocca, Alessio Boni and,
in the distillers shoes,
even Andrea and Jacopo Poli
and part of the Distillery’s staff,
engaged as crowd people.


The Poli Distillery as a fiction set

The Poli Family invites you
to visit the Distillery to discover
the artisanal still and to relive
the excitement of the RAI
fiction “Di Padre in Figlia”
in a location where the Grappa
is a true story, since 1898.

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Di Padre in Figlia Gallery

A red coloured dream

Airone Rosso inspires
the RAI fiction

The final episode of the fiction
“Di Padre in figlia” is inspired
by a true story: it’s my father’s
story, who travelled his way
to Cape North with his Guzzi
Airone Rosso motorcycle.
When he returned home
the whole town toasted
to his return with the aperitif
created for the occasion,
as red as his Airone motorcycle.

Jacopo Poli

Airone Rosso - Aperitivo Veneto