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Toni Poli Tour

A dream coloured red

It was at the end of the 1940’s when Toni Poli returned from the war with the title of captain of the Bersaglieri.

He immediately started working in the family business, and after a few years asked his father permission to buy a Moto Guzzi motorcycle.

The desire and Toni’s wallet would have suggested a Stornello 125 cc, but the surprise was great when on the 10th of August 1950 his father, Giovanni, gave him a magnificent Moto Guzzi Airone Sport 250 cc.

A dream coloured red.

Toni Poli at Lourdes Sanctuaries, France


On one of his first outings, Toni took along his friend Rino Cabion, then a manager of Banca Popolare di Marostica: a sudden acceleration knocked the passenger off the bike without Toni noticing it, intent as he was on savouring the legendary sound of the engine... it was only after a couple of km that he turned around and saw poor Rino chasing behind and shouting!


Toni Poli’s motorcycle exploits are marked by many trips, two of which have made ​​history: 

the tour in 1951:

Schiavon - France - England - Belgium - Netherlands - Denmark - Norway - North Cape - Sweden - Germany - Austria - Schiavon

Toni Poli riding with friends

The tour in 1953:

Schiavon – Dalmatian Coast – Albania – Greece – Corinth Canal – Egypt – Libya – Algeria – Morocco – Strait of Gibraltar – Andalusia – Costa Brava – Schiavon

If one considers that at the time there were no mobile phones and no trip was "all inclusive", it must have been quite an adventure.

Fortunately, the Guzzi was hardy and Toni, a good mechanic, was able to solve the rare "technical" problems.

He met many people, their faces remaining in his memory, but at Nordkapp...


At Nordkapp a Lapp family asked him if he would like to sleep in a tent along with an pretty young girl, as a sign of warm hospitality.

Guzzi Motorcycle

Toni, however, a handsome thirty-year-old, preferred to decline the offer because the girl was all greased with fish oil: the head of the family considered it an insult, and Toni literally had to “flee”, chased by the angry Lapps.

After 10,000 km of adventures he returned home.

The party in his home town began with an aperitif, red like the Airone, created for the occasion.

The Airone Sport with Toni Poli has traveled many roads and seen many places: now it can enjoy a well-deserved rest and welcomes visitors to the distillery.

Occasionally Andrea, who has inherited his father's passion for mechanics, starts it up and the thundering dream lives on.

A dream coloured red.

Liqueur Aperitif

Airone Rosso - Aperitivo Veneto

Aperitif obtained by putting in infusion spices and aromatic herbs in Grappa and vermouth

Toni Poli (1919-2001) had a dream, that finally came true: in 1951 he got on his Moto Guzzi 250cc Airone Sport motorcycle and reached the North Cape.

After 10,000 km of adventures he returned home. The party in his home town began with an aperitif, red like the Airone, created for the occasion.

airone A red coloured dream

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Raw material: Aperitif obtained by the infusion of spices and aromatic herbs in white wine and alcohol
Aroma: intense and fruity bouquet, mandarin
Taste: sweet with a pleasantly bitterish final
% Alc - Content: 17% Alc./Vol - 700 ml
Service: on ice, in cocktails

Poli Airone Rosso with metal tube - Liqueur Aperitif