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Whisky and I

How many times have I visited Scotland, the motherland of whisky…

How many times have I daydreamed in front of those gorgeous copper stills…

How many times have I returned to Schiavon, the motherland of Grappa…

How many times have I wondered if I would be able to make a good whisky.

Schiavon and the Secretary of State

15th October 2013, what an extraordinary day for us people of Schiavon, a little village in the heart of Veneto: our most illustrious fellow citizen has been nominated Secretary of State of the Holy See.

“Such an event deserves to be celebrated with a special distillate!” says the Mayor Mirella Cogo.

The whisky Segretario di Stato

After deep thoughts, my siblings and I decided to throw the heart beyond Hadrian’s Wall and to produce a whiskey in his honor!

We worked hard, we studied, we chose the most suitable barley, we modified our bain-marie pot-still, we made trials and attempts, conducted numerous tastings and especially waited for long years to realize a product unique in its kind: a pure malt whisky aged in Amarone barrels.

An international spirit, with a Venetian soul, as we see him, our Segretario di Stato.
Alla Sua salute!

Jacopo Poli and Family
Schiavon, 15th October 2021

Raw material: Pure Malt, pleasantly peaty
Production method: artisanal distillation with a discontinuous bain-marie still; aged 5 years and finished in Amarone barrels
% Alc - Content: 43% Alc./Vol - 700 ml
Service: straight or on the rocks
Packaging: wood box

Package of Whisky Segretario di Stato | Poli Distillery