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Gewurztraminer grape

Knowing our own origins

In 1997, a couple of years after the birth of our first PO' di Poli Morbida / Smooth (Moscato), we decided to give it a little sister.

And so PO' di Poli Aromatica / Aromatic was born, from the grape marc of another aromatic vine: Gewürztraminer.

This is a white Italian grape variety, even if it is hard to tell from the name, autochthonous of the village of Termeno, in South Tyrol.

The name, which means 'Spicy Traminer', comes from the place of origin and the main organoleptic characteristic this vine confers to the resulting wine, namely a fresh, spicy and aromatic note.

The Grappa, in turn, offers some fruity and citrus sensations reminiscent of lime, and some intense notes of spicy pepper and ginger.