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Elisir Prugna label detail

Elisir Prugna

The production of liqueurs has always been an important part of Poli Distillerie activities from the very beginning.  On the company headed paper in 1930 “Fabbrica liquori” came even before “Distilleria Acquavite”.

Of the many liqueurs produced the lion’s share went to Sviwovitz di Prugna,  a dry liqueur based on plum distillate.

The name Sliwovitz was used until 1938, when it began to indicate exclusively plum distillates produced in Eastern Europe.

A sweet liqueur was then created in its place, simply called Elisir Prugna, from an infusion of pure plum juice.

The plums

Plums are fruit produced by Prunus domestica, of the Rosaceae family. You can buy them either fresh or dried:  in dried plums (prunes) antioxidant substances are more concentrated than in fresh ones. Plums are mainly known for their laxative properties, but they also have tonic and energizing properties and can depurate the body. Vitamin A, contained in plums, is beneficial to nails,  hair and skin and slows down ageing.

Elisir Prugna should be served plain, at room temperature, to best appreciate the original note of amaretto and bitter almond that characterizes it.

An alternative way to enjoy this typical liqueur, deeply rooted in the Vicenza area tradition, is suggested by  mrs. Annamaria of the Antica Osteria La Madonnetta in Marostica, who offers her customers a dessert of first choice prunes steeped in Elisir Prugna.

Recipe: Prunes preserved in plum distillate

La ricetta della signora Annamaria

Recipe: Prunes preserved in plum distillate

Preparation: 10 min
Rest: one week

Ingredients for 1 jar:
- 250 g prunes
- Prugna di Poli as needed

Take a glass jar (size according to the amount of prunes available), place the prunes in it and pour over Elisir Prugna to cover completely.

The following day the prunes will have considerably swollen because they have absorbed much of the liqueur, which is no longer covering them. Top up the plum liqueur.

Recipe: Prunes preserved in plum distillate

Do not add sugar Do not leave to “age”, the prunes will be ready to enjoy after just a few days.

A very simple preparation for an original end of meal.