Poli Grappa Museum - Bassano del Grappa
The result of a long and passionate research by the Poli Family in appreciation of Grappa.

Poli Grappa Museum - seat of Bassano del Grappa

Poli Grappa Museum - Schiavon
The widest collection of Grappa known in Italy.

Poli Museo della Grappa: seat of Schiavon

Bassano del Grappa

Via Gamba 6 (Ponte Vecchio)
Bassano del Grappa (VI) - Italia
Tel. +39 0424 524426

Open every day: 9am - 7.30pm.
Closed on 1 January, Easter,
25 December.
Admission free.


Via Marconi 36 (next to Poli Distillery)
Schiavon (VI) - Italia
Tel. +39 0444 665775

Opening hours: from Monday to Saturday:
9am - 1pm, 2.30pm - 7pm.

Admission free.


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