In the heart of Veneto

Poli Distillery - Schiavon, Italy

Poli is an artisan distillery
founded in 1898
by GioBatta Poli.

For more than one century the Poli
family have been working towards
a goal: to let people understand
and appreciate the hard work,
the constancy but, above all,
that kind of Love that goes into
a bottle of Grappa, a total Love
for our art, for our world, a Love
without which no results would
ever be achieved.

How to reach us

Poli Distillery is located in Schiavon,
nearby Bassano del Grappa, in the
heart of Veneto, the most renowned
region for the production of Grappa.

The facility in Schiavon, rich
of charm and culture, represents
the Poli tradition and innovation,
with the historic distillery situated
just next to Poli Grappa Museum, 
second vanue created.

Schiavon: Poli Distillery and Museum

Poli Grappa Museum

The first venue of Poli Grappa
Museum is located in Bassano
del Grappa, just in front of
the famous old bridge.

The Museum’s goal, built in
an ancient palace, is to spread
the Grappa culture and to transfer
the knowledge of distillation
even to people who don’t
belong to this business field.

Bassano del Grappa: Grappa Museum




Via Marconi 46 - 36
36060 Schiavon (VI) - Veneto, Italia
tel +39 0444 665 007

Distillery opening hours: Mon - Sat,
9 a.m / 1 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. / 6 p.m.
Bank holidays upon availability.

Grappa Museum opening hours:
Mon - Sat, 9am / 1pm -
2.30pm / 7pm.


Bassano del Grappa

Via Gamba 6 (Ponte Vecchio)
36061 Bassano del Grappa (VI)
Veneto, Italia
tel +39 0424 524 426

Opening hours:
Every day: 9 am / 7.30 pm.
Closed on 1 January,
Easter, 25 December.

Tour booking


It’s possible to purchase
the Poli brand products
by the sale points of the Poli
Grappa Museums in Schiavon
and in Bassano del Grappa,
or at the Poli Shop - Venice.

What to do in the surroundings
of the Poli Distillery and
the Poli Grappa Museums

30 minutes around the Distillery