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Maria the alchemist spirit - Poli Grappa

The spirit of Maria the alchemist

Maria is Jewish, she’s sixteen and has got black and curious eyes, she’s fascinated by the changes in nature and by the transmutation of the matter, she loves spending her nights studying the stars and whenever the sky is clouded, she desires.

The master introduced her to the Great Work, and she disclosed the secret relations between the macrocosm, the world globe, and the microcosm, the still.

Her brother Moses, however, criticizes her sharply, repeating that alchemy is not a “job for women”, her mother would like her to be home to help out with the housework.
Miriam, that’s how she’s been calling her since she was a child.

The Poli Distillery's bain-marie vacuum still

Yet Maria studies and commits herself, following her desire to be in harmony with the nature, to obtain the very best out of it, still, without debasing it.

Getting older, she refuses that dumb egoism leading the mankind to force the nature to what one pleases , she shuns that sterile alchemy aiming to only turn cheap metals into gold.

She believes that, in order to transform the matter, one should transform the spirit first.

This ideal ambition leads her to conceive a new way of heating, by placing a pot inside another one containing hot water, so that the warmth can spread softly.

Maria, organic Grappa by Poli

Maria the Jewess, the first alchemist got inspired by the delicate warmth generated by the female womb holding the foetus: the nature’s major creation.

To her and to all strong women and true men working hard keeping faith to their ideals, we dedicate Maria, the first organic Grappa ever.

Maria is obtained from Merlot, Cabernet and Amarone grape marc grown on naturally fertile soil, with a very restricted human intervention, fully complying with the principles of organic agriculture.