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Poli Liquirizia (Liquorice Grappa)

Poli Liquirizia

The root of Liquorice (Glycyrrhiza Glabra) is known since the antiquity for its properties, such as quenching hunger and thirst.

The Greek botanist Teofrasto affirmed that the Assyrians could survive for days in the desert just by chewing the roots of this plant.

The root stick infused in this Grappa comes from the company Amarelli, in Calabria, where the best liquorice in the world is grown.

Flavoured Grappa

Poli Liquirizia

Tonic as an oasis in the desert.

Grappa with natural infusion of liquorice roots from the Calabria region.

Its sweet and pleasantly bitter aroma recalls the liquorice roots chewed during childhood.

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Raw material: liquorice root
Production method: natural infusion of liquorice root in Grappa distilled with a copper still provided with steam pots (artisanal distillation)
% alc - Content: 40% Alc./Vol - 500 ml
Service: at temperature of 10/15 °C - 50/59 °F in a tulip-shaped glass

Poli Liquirizia with metal tube - Grappa with liquorice