Welcome to our Distillery

Hearing the story with your own ears…

Hearing with your own ears

The spirit of the family is a solid brick the company is proudly based on. The documented presence of the Poli family on the slopes of the venetian mountain chain dates back in fact to the 15th century.

After being devoted to agriculture, to cattle

breeding and cattle trade, the Polis start producing and selling wine and straw hats in retail stores and wholesale. In 1885 they settle down in the small village of Schiavon, along the road leading from Vicenza to Bassano del Grappa, where 1898 the first of three distilleries was founded. A lot of milk and wine later, the main

activity of the house upgrades to creating good Grappa!

Come and visit us if you wish to hear with the ears of the heart the story of a family that for many generations has embodied the values of the craftsmanship of Veneto, sticking only to one objective: making understand and appreciate the effort, the tenacity and, above

all, the Love held in a distillate, an immense Love for the own art, for the own world, a Love without which no result would ever be possible.

Seeing the stills with your own eyes…

Seeing with your own eyes

One of the fundamental elements to obtain a good Grappa is the material of which the still is made of. Since the beginning, our distillery has been using copper, a fine metal which represents more than only an ideal conductor for the heat.

To create our distillates, we use three different stills, each of which is carefully chosen to obtain the best result from the raw material: the 12 Knights, the historic machinery, operated with steam cauldrons, developed continuosly since 1898 to today and it’s used for the red marc; Athanor, a classical

Bain-Marie Still, ideal for the distillation of grape, fruit and wine; Crysopea, an innovative Bain-Marie Still, one of a kind in Italy, makes the most of the technological potentialities of the vacuum with which you can distill the marcs of Prosecco, Amarone and Moscato, delicately.

Despite being different, these three installations have in common the material of which they are made of; come and visit us to discover the reasons why the copper turns out to be so important in the distillation process!

Sniffing “head, heart and tale” with your own nose…

Sniffing with your own nose

When it comes to our products, it is important to us to underline that there is no such thing as “Grappa”, what we have are Grappas, plural, each one different, each one with its own personality, with its own story.

But to create good Grappas it is not enough to exclusively rely on the big potentiality of the best raw material: the experience of the master distilleris paramount.

He is the one who, through experience, has learned to completely

understand the result of his own work; the one who can recognize which elements could compromise his efforts and which, instead, would sublimate his art…

During your visit to our distillery you will have the possibility to tell apart the heads, the

heart and the tales of the Grappa, by the sense of smell, the most developed of our senses, exactly like a real master distiller!

Tasting the Grappas with your own mouth…

Tasting with your own mouth

During your visit to our distillery several senses will be stimulated. Yet, what one wants to achieve at the end of the tour is to get to know what the taste of

the Grappas is like, which sensations they allow us to taste, which slumbering memories they are able to bring back to our mind…

We propose you a tasting of three different types

of Grappa: the young Grappa, fresh, honest, with a flowery bouquet; a Grappa aged in barrels of oak wood, intense, determined and mildly toasted; at last, a flavoured Grappa, where the distillate meets the active

ingredients of medicinal herbs and spices.

Allow yourself this moment of pleasure and let yourself carry away by the sensations of the Grappas. Have a good tasting!

Touching the marc with your own hands…

Touching with your own hands

We expect that, those who are visiting us, also have the curiosity to touch the materials of which the tools of our job are made of: the copper of the small boiler loaded with

marc, the steel tank in which the young Grappa matures, the wood of the barrels, wisely toasted, in which the aged Grappas rest, the glass of the bottles, in which the distillate shines and, above all, the bricks of the solid walls of the distillery

which have protected and observed us while we have been doing our job for centuries.

During the campaign of distillation, from the beginning of september till the beginning of november, some parts of the still can be

extremely warm, due to the steam that goes through it.

However, if the still is too hot to be touched, we invite you to touch the material we care the most: the fresh marc from which we extract our Grappa