"Reparto Genesi" the movie

The experimental movie
by Poli Distillerie

“Reparto Genesi" is a funny movie
released in three purely entertaining
episodes, conceived and developed
by Francesco Guarnori and
Alessandro Marin, two young
directors coming from the
Experimental Cinematography
Centre in Milan.

In the movie, the Poli family artisanal
distillery is an imaginary
and dreamlike universe.

Here at the Genesis Department
of the “Empireo”, a very efficient
celestial staff “distils” the four
Primary Elements, turning the still
into a life making alchemic furnace.

The narration expresses company
values such as family and crafts-
manship and sends a message
about the relationship between
fate and free will: we are all born
with our own talents and our
imperfections, but it’s up to any
of us to take advantage of our
gifts and turn our flaws
into strengths.

Branded Content

Introducing the company
in a new way: this is what
the Poli Distilleries meant
to do when they launched
their branded content project
using our social medias
and posting the three
episodes on our Facebook
page on Monday June 11th
and 18th and on Thursday
June 21st 2018.

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