The milestones of Poli Distillerie



1898: GioBatta Poli founds the Distillery in Schiavon (VI) and starts to distil using a mobile alembic with 3 boilers.

1921: he is succeeded by sons Giovanni, Beniamino and Pasquale Fortunato, who will open another two distilleries, in Castegnero (VI) and Curtarolo (PD). The company title will thus become “Poli Distilleries”, in the plural.

1929: Giovanni installs a steam alembic with 3 boilers and one column.

1936: Giovanni sets up a facility to produce alcohol for liqueurs.

1959: Antonio Poli updates the alembic, installing 4 steam boilers with two distillation columns.

1964: Antonio Poli expands the alembic, installing another 4 steam boilers.

1983: Jacopo and Andrea Poli install 2 traditional double boilers.

2001: Jacopo Poli adds 4 steam boilers and a third distillation column.

2008: Jacopo and Andrea Poli install 2 vacuum double boilers.

Today: 5 alembics are in operation for the artisanal distillation of Grappa, for a total of 12 steam boilers and 4 double boilers.

A company is made up of buildings, machinery, equipment but above all people.

This section, which testifies to the continuity and substance of the company, is dedicated to the men and women who have been the Soul of the Poli family Distillery.