The Best Grappa - the Alembic

The Best Grappa and the Alembic

Distillers in Piemonte and Trentino believe the bain-marie still is the best, while those in Friuli and Veneto prefer the steam cauldron still.

Here at the Poli Distillery
we use both.

Every alembic has particular
qualities that makes it suitable
to distil a specific prime material.

In order to produce Grappa
it is necessary to know the system
featuresand the prime material’s
quality but especially it is
necessary to have clear ideas
as to what distillate style
we want to obtain.

At the Poli Distillery, two “bain-marie”
stills are in operation - the traditional
one and the vacuum one - and the
ancient copper still with steam pots.

The ancient steam Alembic

The “Bain-Marie” stills