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The Rhum of the parrot

Have you ever been to Martinique?

Hours and hours of flying to find yourself speaking French and using the Euro! But what amazing beaches, what vegetation, and what Rum!
I saw even a slightly drunk parrot repeating "ou est mon ron?".

In Martinique, the Rum Agricole is produced, which comes from the distillation of the pure sugar cane juice.

It is definitively different from the industrial rum produced from molasses, which is a byproduct of sugar manufacture.

On the island, there are about fifteen distilleries and all deserve to be visited, but the most interesting is the one founded by Homère Clément in 1887

In the Domaine de l’Acajou, you can see examples of Creole architecture, intriguing steam machines for the working of the sugar cane (true finds of industrial archeology), modern distillery plants and four big cellars for ageing, all this blended in a harmonious and luxurious natural context.

After tasting various Rums of extraordinary elegance, I chose a few 200-liter casks that contained a Tres Vieux Rhum Agricole from 1976.

Now they are in the cellar of my own distillery in Schiavon, to enrich this memorable Grappa with unique aromatic notes.

Jacopo Poli


Rhum barrel finished Grappa

Barili di Rhum

Single-vintage Grappa,
aged 2 years in barrique
+ 6 months in Clement Rum barrels

A journey, a face, a proposal, a smile.

That is how these collaborations were born with three prestigious brands, thus giving origin to three Grappas with different and fascinating aromatic sensations: red fruit, dried fruit, exotic fruit, candied fruit.

rhum The Rhum of the parrot

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Raw material: marc obtained from a cuvée of non-aromatic grape varieties
Distillation: artisanal, in small lots, with a discontinuous copper still provided with steam pots
Aroma: exotic fruit, liquorice, biscuits, custard
Taste: distinct, balanced, with notes of fresh wood
% Alc - Content: 40% Alc./Vol - 500 ml
Service: at temperature of 18/20 °C - 65/68 °F in a tulip-shaped glass

Barili di Rhum - Grappa Jacopo Poli with wooden case

Poli Museum