Wine Brandy

Brandy Italiano di Poli

Aged 3 years in oak barrels

Wine brandy, obtained using Athanor, our bain-marie still of classical conception, allowing a smooth and homogeneous heating.

Jacopo Poli



Raw material: wine of Trebbiano from Soave (Veneto)
Distillation: artisanal, in small lots, with a discontinuous bain-marie still
Aroma: spices (coffee, nutmeg, vanilla)
Taste: warming, frank and solar
% Alc - Content: 40% Alc./Vol - 700 ml
Service: at temperature of 18/20 °C - 65/68 °F in a tulip-shaped glass

Brandy Italiano with metal tube, Poli Wine Brandy

Poli Museum