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Quina’s bark, whose infusion is used for the Elixir.

An timeless elixir

Quina (Cinchona Calissaya) is a plant coming from the rain forest located in that region of the Andes stretching from Colombia to Bolivia and further into Amazonia.
Quina’s bark was used by Quechua Indians in Peru to treat temperature coming from Malaria.
It’s called “cinchona” because of countess Anna del Chinchòn, the Spanish viceroy’s wife, who fell ill with malaria in 1639 in Peru, while visiting her colonies west of the Andes.

Indian shamans offered some quina bark to the Jesuit father who was trying to heal her, telling him to grind it and give it to her at regular intervals.
The countess recovered and was given some quina bark that she eventually woud bring to Europe to treat people with malaria in Europe.


 Poli Elisir China liqueur

At first, the “countess’ powder” was ignorated by doctors, until the XVIIth century when Charles II° was treated with it as well.

China has since been used widely to produce herb liqueurs and other liqueurs: during the colonial occupancy in India, English people used to add it to water to prevent Malaria. That's how tonic water, still consumed nowadays, was born.

Quina bark is prescribed in pharmacy as tonic, digestive stimulant and to reduce temperature.
It is also used to treat anemia, indigestion, stomach disorders and lack of appetite.
Finally, it helps fighting fatigue as well.

Infusing China Calisaya bark in both alcool and sugar gives origin to a tonifying liqueur featuring a spicy aroma and a coffee-, caramel- and spice-like (cinnamon and nutmeg) flavour.



Elisir China

Healthy as the air you breathe while climbing the sacred mountain of Machu Picchu.

Bitter liqueur with natural infusion of China Calissaya’s bark, a plant hailing from Peru.

Its aroma recalls a spice bazaar with plenty of colours and scents.

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Raw material: bark of China Calisaya (Cinchona)
Production method: natural infusion of China Calissaya’s bark in alcohol
% Alc - Content: 21% Alc./Vol - 700 ml
Service: at temperature of 10/15 °C - 50/59 °F in a tulip-shaped glass

Elisir China with metal tube - Grappa based liqueur