The milestones of Poli Distillerie

May 02, 1925 - "Camera di Commercio di Vicenza" Archive

Established s.d.f. Poli Giobatta of 3 brothers (Poli Giovanni, Beniamino e Pasquale, by GioBatta) from the firm's pre-existing poles GioBatta father was Giovanni. 

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CONSTITUTION OF COMPLAINT NOW n. ECONOMICS 2613 submitted to the provincial office of the Vicenza company made ​​"POLI GIOBATTA" Brothers of the Poli was GioBatta (Giovanni, Beniamino and Pasquale).

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The document is conventionally denoted as the start date of 10/07/1921, the day of the death of GioBatta Poli, owner of the existing sole proprietorship. The words and the question mark next to have been placed by an officer other than the one that drafted the complaint. 07/10/1921 is a date that merely "conventional" and not the actual date of commencement activities can be deduced from the fact that the RED RIDING could not otherwise mention the Poli GB Enterprises and its subsidiaries already in 1922. 

It is also noted that in those days gave the distillery to work an average of 8 workers.

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The document refers to a previous complaint no. 6308 and tells the sheet 3 as a pre-existing company "Poli GioBatta was Giovanni", passed as an inheritance to children 3 signatories of the complaint, that have transformed society in fact the existing sole proprietorship of her missing father. 

The existing company "POLI GIOBATTA was Giovanni" dates back to 1898, the date listed in all commercial documents business, historical as well as current as the year of foundation of the business.