The milestones of Poli Distillerie

October 26, 1940 - Poli Distillery Archive - Schiavon (VI)

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Resolution of the NATIONAL CONSORTIUM OF SPIRITS BETWEEN DISTILLATORI with which you registered with no. 317 "Distilleria Poli Giovanni fu GioBatta" - Ponte Castegnero (VI) (previously mentioned in the Guide Rossi of Vicenza in 1922).  There were, therefore, three distilleries, one in Schiavon, one in Castegnero and one in Curtarolo (PD), which is then continued only to Schiavon; the future will derive from this name "Distilleries GB Poli "(plural), today POLI DISTILLERY.

Gathering of bikers in front of the Poli Distillery

40s - Poli Distillery Archive - Schiavon (VI)

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Gathering of bikers in front of the distillery. The first crouching on the left is GioBatta Poli (1912-1999), who led the company with his brother Antonio (1919 - 2001) until 1976, when he was replaced by Antonio's wife, Teresa Parma.

40s - Poli Distillery Archive - Schiavon (VI)

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Elisa Poli (1914-2000) and his brother GioBatta (1912-1999) of Giovanni in front of the distillery with the bike and the children / grandchildren.