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Souvenir of your visit

From Castello to Schiavon to taste Grappa

We had a toast with guests from Venice !

Castello is regarded as the most ancient sestriere of Venice and this is the place where the Regazzi family comes from, as they love saying

They were here on November 21st 2013, Alberto did his best to put these new Grappa friends at their ease, while walking through our premises.

They started their visit in the Poli Grappa museum, opened in october 2011, and they later moved to the distillery.


Say  Grappa !!

Once here, they enjoyed a live show: Grappa making from the freshest pomace, using our traditional still.

A comprehensive Grappa tasting was later offered to them, just before taking this picture, portraying the Regazzi in our Grappa museum.

Until next time we see them again, we're thankful for their visit and wish them always "Buona Grappa "!