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Souvenir of your visit

Loads of love ..and Grappa !

Growing interest towards Grappa shown by israeli visitors

Dina and Shahaf are engaged and live not far from Tel Aviv in Israel. They were here last November 27th 2013 to tour our Poli Grappa museum.

Because our still was distilling one of the latest deliveries of grape marc of this season, Alberto took them to the nearby distillery acquainting them with the process of Grappa making.


Guests from Israel in love with Grappa !

Dina and Shahaf have first tried Grappa a couple of months ago in Israel, when they've taken part to a tasting arranged by Mr. Yoav, our distributor for the very dynamic israeli market.

We enjoyed having Dina and Shahaf here in Schiavon a lot: their visit confirms that the interest shown by this young country is growing year after year and would like to thank them sincerely for stopping by.

Dina and Shahaf, we wish you always a Buona Grappa !