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Souvenir of your visit

ALMA, Scuola internazionale di cucina italiana

Wannabe bakers and pastry cooks from all over the country

Wednesday 13th November 2013 we welcomed a group of about 30 students attending the ALMA International School of italian cuisine, located in Colorno, just off Parma.

On their journey through Veneto to find out more about what our region has to offer when it comes to fine food and drinks, they stopped in Schiavon to visit our premises

Cheers with ALMA

After being welcomed by Jacopo Poli himself, they made their way through stills, cauldrons, coils and finally made it to the tasting room, where they spent 20 more minutes tasting out of several bottles.

We hope we will see them again soon, until then, we wish you all a good Grappa !