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Open Day 2014

A pretty busy schedule at the the Poli Distillery

More than 300 visitors made it to the Poli Dsitillery and Poli grappa Museum last April 13th 2014 for the Open Day 2014 - Fabbriche Aperte.

This Open Day was born following to the growth of interest towards industrial tourism and was initiated by Vicenzaé a few years ago.

The whole day is consecrated to handcraft manifacturing made in Vicenza: amateurs are this way able to see with their own eyes how much passion is required when working in an artisanal way.

Open Day 2014

During these guided tours we offered, families, students, spirit-lovers learnt the difference between Grappa and Acquavite and understood how one distilles operating an artisanal still with discontinued cycle.

An educating yet pleasant Sunday, following the footsteps of a family of Grappa-makers, where the maison’s apéritif Airone Rosso was repeatedly served