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Souvenir of your visit

A swedish Italian visiting the Poli Distillery

Exclusive “L’italiano” venue owners over in Schiavon to visit

Yet one more time the beautiful care, attention and passion of made in Italy echoes around the world.

This time in Sweden where our fellow countrymen wave the Italian flag with the most exclusive restaurant in Stockholm: L’italiano established by a very stylish Marsel.

And the success doubles with the restaurant Papà managed by Toto and located just a few meters from L’italiano and with a more fun-loving look but with the same inspiring attention to quality.

Along with Marsel and Toto there’s the inseparable friend Nenne, who’s been chief of security in night clubs for several years and now irreplaceable member of the trio.

In the pic: per Joachim, Nenne, Dario, Marsel, Malena, Jacopo and Toto

The Trio has come to visit us last September the 5th. 2016 along with Malena Sigvardsson and Joachim Aronsson, our precious contacts in our irrepleceable importer for Sweden Bibendum. They’ve all been our guests at the distillery and together we’ve spent two wonderful evenings, we’ve toasted and we’ve had a lot of fun.

Thank you one more time to all the Italians keeping up our reputation abroad and thanks again to Marsel, Toto and Nenne for being so nice and funny!