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Sambuca: the new Poli Elixir

The joy of Anise

If anise was a feeling, it would be joy and serenity: the joy of scented candies that grandma used to tuck in our school apron pockets, the serenity of a blue ice lolly after school.

They are known as “flavors of memory”, the first sensory experiences that remain impressed and that bring us back to childhood as soon as we perceive them again.

The star anise reminds to us Poli Brothers the scent of Sambuca that dad used to drink during summer under the sunny stand, with the unavoidable coffee bean.

Sambuca: the new Poli Elixir

Thirty years later we decided to produce again our Elisir Sambuca, a sweet liqueur prepared with natural infusion of star anise, that we enjoy "rinsing" the cup after a good espresso.

And what is the flavor of your childhood?