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The Company’s culture week 2014

Grappa & CO. The grape provides energy for life.

Grape is an extraordinary gift the nature gives us and from which we may obtain various products that give pleasure, energy and life.

For this reason, during the 13th edition of “The Company’s culture week”, an initiative promoted by Confindustria and Museimpresa, the Poli Family offers a visit to the Distillery and the Grappa Museum, located in Schiavon, where the positive role of the Italian Distilleries in the wine industry will be highlighted.

A guided tour to discover how, besides wine, also grappa, brandy, grape brandy and alcohol are obtained from grapes.

Furthermore, distilleries can value the grape marc (the skin, seeds and stems of grapes) to produce grape seed oil, tartaric acid, feed, fertilizer, natural coloring, briquettes, energy and electricity.

For this occasion, visitors can taste “Maria”, Grappa obtained from grape marc from organic grapes. 

Thursday 13th and Friday 14th November and Monday 17th to Friday 21st November .

Opening hours:
From 14.00 to 18.00

Admission is free and reservations especially for large groups are recommended.

For more information or to book an appointment please call +39 0444 665775 or send an email to