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Gran Bassano: it’s Vermouth Poli time

The vermouth recipe, handwritten in the “recipe booklet” by GioBatta Poli in the 30’s, involved the use of 33 herbs and spices in a wise natural infusion.

Almost 90 years later, with four generations of family’s distillation tradition, Jacopo Poli decided to bring back the ancient great grandfather’s formulary, to create a modern vermouth, expression of the Bassano del Grappa’s territory.

For centuries, in fact, Bassano del Grappa enjoyed a privileged relationship with Venice, the capital of commerce of spices and diffusion centre of the aromatized wine produced in various cities of the Serenissima Republic.

Thus the Vermouth Gran Bassano was born from deep roots, in two variants: Rosso, with a vigorous personality and White, with a gentle temperament.

An invigorating potion with a delicate bittesweet balance, born from the "infused passion" of the Poli family for the "good and well done" with artisan care.

Gran Bassano: it’s Vermouth Poli time


Gran Bassano Rosso is a Merlot-based vermouth, a red wine by French vine cultivated since the end of the 19th century in the Pedemontana Vicentina.

Its aromatic uniqueness is the result of a masterly infusion of 33 botanicals, among which there are cardoon and musky yarrow, featuring plants of Bassano, as well as rhubarb, vanilla, pimento, ginger and liquorice.



Gran Bassano Bianco is a Vespaiolo-based vermouth, a white wine by native grapes of the DOC area of which Bassano is part.

Its original aromatic identity is due to a calibrated infusion of 39 botanicals, among which hawthorn and elderberry, characteristic plants of Bassano, as well as grapefruit, galangal, myrtle, sweet and bitter orange.