Poli 125 - A Venetian story

125 years of the Poli Distillery
and 30 years of Grappa Museum

a meaningful, double anniversary
recounting the core values guiding
this Venetian enterprise: 
family, craftmanship and culture.

300 guests took part at the event,
including current and yesterday
employees with their families, historic
suppliers, consultants and institutional
representatives, all linked by
an invisible, yet resistant thread:
the love for their work.

Vaca Mora Riserva
Special edition 125 years

The fourth generation presented
a limited edition of 4.125 numbered
of Vaca Mora Riserva
to celebrate the 125th anniversary.

A version aged one year in barrique
of the historic bitter liqueur linked to
the Distillery’s foundation, still prepared
today by infusing sixteen herbs
and spices, according to the founder
Gio Batta Poli’s recipe.

A bitter to love, in limited edition

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