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Grappa flavoured Panettone Cake

Grappa flavoured Panettone Cake

In December my wife Cristina usually goes through a dozen panettone cakes made by my friend Dario - lucky her, slim and with a sweet tooth - as I'm left watching.

One day, taking pity on me, she said: “Why don't you ask Dario to make a Grappa flavoured panettone, so you'll have an excuse to eat a slice?”

And that's how, from a skilled confectioner with a heart as soft as butter and a distiller with Grappa in his veins, came the “Grappa flavoured Panettone Cake”.

One piece of advice: keep it out of children's (and wife's...) reach!

Grappa-based Panettone


With raisins and cream of Grappa di Moscato

Panettone of patisserie stuffed with raisins and cream of Grappa di Moscato.

Traditional italian confection at natural rising stuffed with cream of Grappa di Moscato Poli.

grappolone Another slice, thank you...

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Special Formats


Packaging: copper tube
Content: 1 x 950 gr
Product: panettone alla grappa
Measures (cm): 22,5 X 21 X h36,5    

Grappolone with metal tube - Grappa-based Panettone