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The good spirit of enterprise

Poli Distillery sold out for the Enterprise’s Culture Week

To what extent does the enterprise’s spirit of the great explorers of the past live within us?

This was the key question for “Spirito d’impresa 2019”, the event organized on November 22nd 2019 by the Poli Distillery. The occasion was the 500th anniversary of the first journey around the world, led by Ferdinando Magellano and recounted by Antonio Pigafetta from Vicenza.


The good spirit of enterprise

Piercristiano Brazzale, Dario Loison, Fausto Maculan, Mattia Pedon and Andrea Rigoni, moderated by Jacopo Poli, are the entrepreneurs from Vicenza who, left their small province town to discover new markets, like Antonio Pigafetta did.

Watch the TVA service organized in partnership with Associazione Pigafetta 500, with the participation of Luciano Vescovi, President Confindustria Vicenza.