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Grappa culture makes it to India!

Musafir Hoon Yaron Tv leisure program shoots at the Poli Grappa museum.

As Grappa is gaining more and more popularity in India, “Arak”, the local and traditional drink made distilling grape juice and adding some anise grains, is no longer the only drink enjoyed in the country.

Indian Tv producer and former Miss India and bollywoodian starlet Deepti Bhatnaghar chose our Poli Grappa Museum in Schiavon to shoot an episode featuring the city of Bassano del Grappa.

Grappa culture makes it to India!

Thanks to Vicenza Film Commission and tourism board Vicenzaé, we were able to host the tv leisure programm Musafir Hoon Yaron, dedicated to international cuisine.

Jacopo Poli took time to explain the origins of this noble distillate as well as the distilling techniques to our visitors from India, with some time left in the end for a nice toast: Buona Grappa !