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Souvenir of your visit

Guided tour at night... together with the spirits !

Poli joins "Week of culture" and opens its doors at nighttime

We at Poli's were all in last 15th,16th and 22nd of november 2013 to guide our guests at nighttime through our premises.

The "Week of culture" aimed to explain what italian companies and factories have been doing in the last couple of years to promote culture.

Poli opened a first Grappa museum in Bassano twenty years ago, and a second one in Schiavon a bit over 2 years ago.


Visitors on Friday November 22th 2013 at night

Our guests have first of all been shown and explained  the Grappa museum by the distillery and were later taken through the distillery to finally be handed over to the not too lovely hands of Igor, the moster dwelling in the caves underneath the copper still.

We cannot, however, reveal too much of what our guests did later with Igor... but we made sure they would all make it safely home afterwards.

Jacopo, Cristina and the whole distillery thank once again all those who've come to visit us and wish you always a Buona Grappa !