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Souvenir of your visit

At 104 years old visiting the Poli Distillery

A “rich of spirit” life maintains young!

On Saturday, 22 July 2017, a special person came to visit us: Mrs. Mary Davies Read, aged 104, the Poli Distillery’s oldest customer.

Accompanied by her son Brian, aged 72, Mrs. Mary came to Schiavon from the faraway Scotland to taste the best Italian spirits.

Born in January 1913, Mrs Mary’s life sounds like a novel: for 80 years she lived in Africa, getting married with Joseph Read in 1939, with whom she lived for two years in a tent in the forest.


At 104 years old visiting the Poli Distillery

Once all of her four male sons were born, they then bought a 10.000 hectares ranch in 1954. She is a pleasant and forceful woman, who still easily knits and loves the British humour.

For the Poli Family it was a true honour to guest Mrs Mary at the distillery, she is an example of enthusiasm and life joy.