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Super Taurus: the new Bitter of the Poli Distillery

Poli expands its mixing products range with a sturdy and powerful bitter.

“That day of 1948, when the Super Taurus arrived at the distillery, the whole village came along to see it. No one in Schiavon had ever seen such a truck before. The children rode up in turns, curious and frightened. The adults toasted to the economic rebirth of Italy with that special Bitter, sturdy and powerful like the Super Taurus.”

72 years later, the Poli Distillery launches a restyling of this Bitter with intense bittering aroma, obtained with natural infusion of citrus zests and spices, among Rhubarb and Gentian’s roots, with fresh scent of elder flowers, smoothed by Rose petals.

Super Taurus: the new Bitter of the Poli Distillery

The new Poli Super Taurus Bitter widens the mixing products line of the Poli family, with its Marconi 46 gin, the Venetian Airone Rosso aperitif and the two Gran Bassano vermouths on the market.

It has 25% alc. vol. and a sturdy, powerful taste.

Poli Super Taurus should be served in a tumbler, straight, with ice or in timeless cocktails, to toast once again to the rebirth of Italy!