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Poli Distillery and EXPO Milano 2015

Grappa & Co. From grapes, the energy for life. Theme-based tour at the Poli distillery.

EXPO Milan 2015, the biggest ever event on food and nutrition and, has begun.

For the whole duration of the event, a theme-based guided tour to the distillery and nearby Grappa museum in Schiavon is offered by the Poli family with the intent to explain how italian distilleries are involved in making the environment better.

This theme-based tour will help you discover the reasons why Grappa is regarded as a unique spirit in the world and you will be surprised to find out how many things can be obtained from grapes.

In fact, grapes are an extraordinary gift from the nature used by the mankind to make products giving pleasure, energy and life.

Poli Distillery and EXPO Milano 2015

However, not everybody knows that grapeseed oil, tartaric acid, a natural colouring, fertilizer, fodder, briquettes, thermal and electric energy are obtained from distilled marc.

At the end of the tour, a tasting of Grappa and liqueurs by Poli is offered in our ageing cellar.

Grappa “Maria”, our latest project, obtained from organic marc, will be presented in this occasion.

The tour takes approximately one hour and a half and costs 3€ per person.

Tours can be booked from monday to Friday, from 9 to 1pm and from 2pm to 6pm.

Saturday, Sunday and bank holidays upon availabilty and for bigger groups only.

Further information or to book a tour, please call 0444 665007 or write to