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Rai Tv film 'Di padre in figlia' to be shot at the Poli Distillery

“Bassano has done loads for the Grappa. It’s about time the Grappa also does something for the city”.

These were the words used by Jacopo Poli during the press conference held in Bassano’s del Grappa town hall on September 15th to announce that the Poli Distillery would offer their premises to RAI FICTION to shoot tv film “Di padre in figlia”.

Based on a plot by Cristina Commencini, the first meeting between the Poli family and the screenwriters dates back to more than a year and a half ago, when they met to define the historical context for the film.

Rai Tv film 'Di padre in figlia' to be shot at the Poli Distillery

In a time of deep cultural changes and technical challenges, it was natural for the Poli’s to identify themselves in the plot’s characters, a family of distillers.

The library in the Poli Grappa museum was an excellent source for both me and the screenwriters to analize the evolution Grappa underwent throughout the XXth century” says Jacopo Poli.

Director Riccardo Milani seems to have found the three main qualities he needed for the film in Schiavon: family, passion, and craft Grappa. The Poli family is very proud to have their distillery chosen for this film.

Grappa has been distilled at the Poli distillery since 1898.
And is not fiction.