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Barili di Sauternes: Grappa with the scent of dew

The Grappa Barili di Sauternes is born. 

The tradition and the experience of the Poli family blended with the scent of south east vineyards of Bordeaux areas create a new product to complete the "Poli & Friends" line (Rhum, Sherry, Port and Torcolato).

Barili di Sauternes is distilled with the ancient still of the Poli family that consists of cauldrons completely made of copper, as in centuries gone by. Our distillation cycle is  discontinuous. This means that we put the grape-pomace into the cauldrons and we distil it using steam. After the distillation Grappa ages 2 years in Sauternes  barriques.

The taste of Barili di Sauternes is round, complex and full, with aroma of ripe fruit, acacia honey, biscuits and harmonious note of wood.

It is because of the special barrels coming from south-east of Bordeaux that this Grappa takes the typical sweetness of the Sauternes wines.
There are infact two rivers surrounding that "terroir" which make that area of France special, because of the morning dew forming on the grapes the Botrytis Cinerea, the 
noble rot that originates the unique characteristics of those wines.

From Jacopo Poli directly: "I went many times in that area, but in 2009 it was different because I went in a campervan. It was night when I arrived in the parking area  of Chateau Rieussec, a premier cru owned by the Rothschild family, and slept there like a log.
Early in the morning I went out and saw the castle completely covered with ivy, shiny with dew. I rang the bell and introduced myself to a lady straight out of  yesteryear, telling her that I would like to take home one of their used barriques, in which to refine one of my own grappas.She looked at me astonished, made a couple of phone calls, called the winemaker, they took me to the wine cellar and chose a barrel which I loaded in the campervan. I took a photo and departed on my way, 1330 km straight to Schiavon. The result was extraordinary. I called the lady again, and after a few weeks another fifty barriques arrived."

It is recommended to serve the distillate in a tulip glass at the temperature of 18/20 °C, to enjoy the round, complex and full taste of the new Barili di Sauternes.


Poli - Barili di Sauternes