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Which is the difference between "Grappa" and "grape brandy"?

Grappa is obtained by distilling the grape pomace, which is the solid part of the grape (skins and seeds), while a Grape Brandy is obtained by distilling the fermented grape, therefore the solid and liquid part of the grape together.

As a result, the grape brandy is placed halfway between a Grappa (obtained by distilling a solid raw material like grape pomace) and a Wine Brandy (obtained by distilling a liquid raw material such as wine), being distilled from both the solid and the liquid part.

The difference between grappa and grape brandy

A grape brandy is normally more elegant and fruitier than a Grappa, which vice-versa by nature is more intense and structured.

Photo: Poli's Grappas and Grape Brandies. From the left, Grappa PO' di Poli Morbida, Grappa Sarpa Barrique, Distillato Chiara di Moscato and finally UvaViva Italiana di Poli.