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The legend of Bassano - Giannino Marzotto Trophy

The only race in the world of vintage racing cars ended at the Poli Distillery

On Sunday, June 25, 2017 the Poli Distillery has welcomed the world's most beautiful and expensive vintage cars (including a 25 million Euro Ferrari), who came to Schiavon to complete the only worldwide race reserved to vintage cars, or "The Legend of Bassano - Trophy Giannino Marzotto", organized from June 22nd to 25th by the Veneto Old-timer Club  "Giannino Marzotto ".

100 crews, coming from 13 countries around the world and representing 32 automotive brands, were attending the event.

The pilots reached Schiavon and, once at Distillery, they refreshed themselves with the Airone Rosso, the aperitif for those who love to travel.

During the award ceremony at the Poli Distillery’s cellar important personalities were present: 

The legend of Bassano - Giannino Marzotto Trophy

Regional Councillor Elena Donazzan; Bassano del Grappa City’s Councillor Giovanni Cunico; ASI President Roberto Loi, Vicenza’s ACI President Valter Bizzotto, twice Rally World Champion Miki Biasion (who participated at the legend as pilot); the actress Francesca Cavallin, protagonist of the recent RAI series 

Di padre in figlia”, shot right inside the Poli Distillery; and the hosts Jacopo e Cristina Poly.

Being chosen to accommodate the goal of such a prestigious event has been a pleasure and an honour for the Poli family.