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The Poli distillates at Lady Drink 2023

On Monday, 13th March 2023, the Poli Distillery was welcomed again by the enthusiasm of Danilo Bellucci, in occasion of “Lady Drink”, the all-female event dedicated to mixology.

47 Barlady from Italy challenged themselves with the shaker, creativity and healthy competition.

Special thanks to Eldjona LIko for using our Gin Marconi 42 in her cocktail pensavo peggio” and to Raje Moukadem for her drink “unlady-like” prepared with the Whisky Segretario di Stato; finally to Vanessa Veronese who donated a balmy twist to her “frog in a storm” thanks to the gin Marconi 46.

The Poli distillates at Lady Drink 2023

Special mention to Laura Ceccacci, winner of the past edition “Lady Drink” who prepared a special cocktail even this year, using our products.

See you at the next edition!