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Ciak! Si guida

The cars by “Di Padre in figlia” series

The actress Francesca Cavallin, protagonist of the fiction "Di padre in Figlia", is back to visit us at in the distillery, set of the Rai TV series shot in many of our premises in Schiavon.

On Sunday 15th May 2018, we guested the event “DI PADRE IN FIGLIA”: the sites, the vehicles and the characters by the RAI fiction. This initiative was promoted and organized by CVAE-Circolo Veneto Automoto d’Epoca “Giannino Marzotto”, presided by Stefano Chiminelli, Vicenza Film Commission and the automobile Museum Bonfanti-Vimar.

The historical cars used in the fiction, made available for Rai Uno by vintage car collectors of our territory, were back with fire on their engines to retrace the places where the scenes were shot.

Mandatory stop at the Poli Distillery, to toast with the aperitif protagonist of the finale of the first season, that is the legendary "Airone Rosso"… Oops!, Franza Rosso.

The cars by  Di Padre in figlia  series