"Marco Polo 2005" award to the Poli Distillery - 2006

On the 13th of November 2006 at the Padua Chamber of Commerce the XVIII edition of the "Marco Polo 2005" award was given to the Poli Distillery.

The "Marco Polo" award, was instituted by the Veneto Chambers of Commerce in 1988 with the aim to give value and recognize the activity of those Venetian companies that have contributed in great measures to the development of the export relations of the Veneto Region.

The entrepreneurship of the Venetian entrepreneur and the challenges of the global market are well represented by the artistic award-plate, created by the important sculptor Guido Veroi, that represents the adventurous trips of the Venetian Marco Polo in far away and unknown lands.

We thank you for this award and we ask ourselves:
who knows where Marco Polo would have gone if he had with him a bottle of Poli Grappa!

Targa Premio Marco Polo