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Poli Tour in the Mediterranean

Round table 2019

What is there better than sipping a fresh gin tonic in front of the sea, swung by a hammock? Here revealed the reason for our tour in the welcoming Southern Italy! 

We left on Monday 24th June 2019 towards Napes, where we were welcomed by Lamberto Lauri and Flavio Marlino, with whom we organized a spirits tasting at the Petrarar Tennic Club in Naples.

The following day our tour, led by Alessandro and Raffaele Lo Scialpo, stopped at Taranto and Brindisi, where we were enchanted with the mixology art by the bartender Chicco Greco.

Last stop Monopoli, with special thanks to Gaetano and Eddy Uva and to Alessandro, the experienced bartender at Avamposto 11.

Poli Round Table 2019 - Napoli