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Presented at the Gin Week MARCONI 44 the new Gin by Poli

On September 7th 2023, the new gin Marconi 44 was presented at Portal Club in Milan, during the Gin Week, in partnership with Meregalli Group.

“We love to challenge ourselves and expand our knowledge, which is why in 2015 we produced Marconi 46, the first Italian Distilled Dry Gin, and in 2022 Secretary of State, a pure malt whiskey aged for 5 years and refined in Amarone barrels”, explains Jacopo Poli, owner of the Poli Distillery, the first distillery in the world where three completely different spirits coexist: Grappa, Gin and Whisky, united by the same artisanal care".

Presented at the Gin Week MARCONI 44: the new Gin by Poli

“It is always a pleasure to work with the Poli family, receptive to the commercial needs that we face together, reactive in the creation of fantastic new products, always serious about the quality and correct positioning of their references. A strong bond between our families that has lasted for over 30 years!”. Marcello Meregalli, CEO of the Meregalli Group.