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In Ukraine we do not drink only Horilka!

Poli Grappa Tasting in Ukraine

The traditional drink of Ukraine is called Horilka, a distillate of wheat with a very spicy flavor; since our last trip, however, we have detected that it is really appreciated also a good artisanal Grappa.

Very requested the thematic dinner at the restaurant "La Piazza", with a menu made to enhance the Grappa with simple but well balanced dishes.

From appetizers like the simple caprese in combination with the Poli Grappa Bassano Classica, to the stronger flavor of the beef carpaccio enhanced by Po’ Elegante, 

In Ukraine we do not drink only Horilka!

the real highlight was the beef ribs with Po' di Poli Aromatica.

Finally excellent fruit flambé with Grappa Moscato Oro and a chocolate fondant with Poli Barili Sauternes. 

A meeting of varied cultures and flavors, united by the pursuit of good taste and good Grappa.